Dry Fruits and Nuts Commitee of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce

Dry Fruits and Nuts Commitee  of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce visited to Cata Chamber

CATA Chamber hosted the  Dry Fruits and Nuts Committee  of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce on May 11, 2014. More than 25 businessman from GCC  attended to meeting. The meeting started with the opening remarks by Semsettin Kilic, the member of Cata Chamber, and succeeded by VP of Cata Chamber’s presentation titled “California in the US Economy and Trade Relation with Turkey”.


The attendees exchanged information and gained new insights in the field throughout the meeting moderated by secretary general. Committee head Muslim Yildirim said “we also are going to visit some dry fruits Companies  as, Primex Processing Company, association of American Pistachios, Poindexter Nut Company, Meridian Nut Company, Golden State Food Company, Beard’s Quality Nuts Company, Fisher Nut  Company, Great Pacific Nut Company, Turkhan Foods and Linden Nut Company”.

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