Considering Welcome And Growth At Our 2015 Retreat

Our Board of Directors and Core Members of CATA Chamber gathered together in 1st part of “2015 Retreat” on October 17.

The president led to the Retreat after welcoming his speech and facilitated discussions around the following agenda; Mission, Vision and Swot analyses of Cata Chamber and the State of California.

Together, we discussed and thought about how we can provide a more powerful and fruitful Chamber for our community. After the lunch break, we continued to discuss our growth as individuals and as a community.

Overall, we had come up with a beautiful and thought-filled updated Mission and Vision reflecting our solidarity, community and uniqueness. A single day was not enough to finish all updated goals and objectives. So, we decided to come together again on October 31st for the Second part of “2015 Retreat” series. See our gallery of images from this recharging day!

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