On December 7, 2013, a seminar entitled “Social Security System in Turkey, Retirement Abroad and Private Health Insurances,” by CATA Chamber, took place at Hilton Orange County, Costa Mesa. The event saw the attendance of some 200 people interested to gain up-to-date information on social security and insurance opportunities.

CATA Chamber’s Secretary-General,  kicked off the night with an outline of the program and left the floor to the social security expert, Nuri Sansaroglu. In his presentation titled “Social Security System in Turkey and Retirement Abroad,” Sansaroglu elaborated on social security plans for those living abroad along with their regulations and operations. He additionally highlighted illegal practices and misconceptions regarding the issue. Sansaroglu further addressed individual retirement systems as he concluded his presentation. In the Q&A session, he addressed the audience’s inquiries such as status of those who have filed no retirement arrangements yet, unemployed women abroad and inter-transfer between social security plans.

Next in the seminar was Turkish-American Health Tourism Association (TAHTAS) President,  who primarily dwelled on dual health insurance plans operative both in Turkey and the US. He also touched on payments and coverage of affordable health insurances in the US. In the following Q&A session, he addressed engaging issues, on demand, such as insurance plans covering inpatient treatment only and termination of a plan by insurance provider in case of a permanent disease/injury, and many more.

As the event drew to a close, the two speakers were presented certificate of appreciation by CATA Chamber President,  and Turkey’s Commercial Attaché to Los Angeles, Gurkan Suzer. Finally, a lucky draw took place giving away free check-up service in Turkey, social security scanning report and decorative calligraphy tableaus.

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